We all know that, the music game is over saturated with music producers who try, and produce beats, and sounds that kinda mimic their favorite music producers like the young Lex Luger, who is a young music producer who came so hard with his signature that, he had a gang of other music producers trying to copy his style. Nothing wrong with being inspired, but for me, there’s a lot wrong with trying to copy, and or produce beats exactly like your favorite music producer. And that’s why when you listen to anything that, I have produced whether it be beats, sound and recordings, you can clearly  tell that, this artist is unique in his own way.

No, I’m not trying to be the best music producer, and or rap recording artist. I’m just showing that, I can produce beats that bang with the best of them. Below is a beat I produced, and uploaded to my You Tube channel take a listen to the quality sound of it, and like and or leave some feedback on what you think about the production.

I’m working on getting more and more beats uploaded for those rappers, Hip Hop artist and or those recording artist and musicians who are seeking that particular sound that would accommodate and be a great addition to their music project. that’s what I do, and what Aquimini Productions is all about; helping that artist by producing custom beats and sounds that will help motivate, elevate, and inspire that creative Rap and Hip Hop recording artist who can see how important it is for one to think beyond just wanting to be like and or put out projects that sound damn near exactly like their favorite mainstream rap artist.

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I have plenty more beats, and sound production to release they just haven’t been uploaded yet, but will be coming soon. Also, let me know what I could do to improve, and or how I can better this site by letting know what you might want me to touch on when it comes to the blog and video production. I would to get people involved that would like to see Aquimini Productions grow by supporting the mass production on a duel level coming out of this Midwest Music and Beat Productions site.

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