Hey, what up everybody! I know, I know, it’s been a minute since, I’ve done anything on the site, but as you can see, I’m working and thank you to all who have been really patient with me, while I try hard to bring it all together in a way where you the visitor can stop through, and navigate having an experience that will hopefully move you towards liking and sharing the work produced and hosted right here at Aquimini Productions. So, the Music Store. yes, I worked hard as hell putting this music store together as fast as I could, but in a way where it is user-friendly and making it easier for those visitors who choose to support my workings by the ability to purchase (Donate) mp3 songs from two artist who go hard in this music game. These artist have been really putting in time, and work to bring to their listeners real hardcore straight in your face relevant rap and hip hop music that allows the listener to visualize what is being narrated by them, and who knows; just may learn a thing or two while doing so.

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I myself, and partner in rhyme MC MyD do it like no other, and we as spiritual lyrical recording artist’s we stand on everything that we touch on when it comes to our music work. Take for instance one of MC MyD songs from his first CD “Walk It Rough” called: “Givin’Em The Emceeism,” which was composed, and produced by yours truly; is an example of the mind of an artist from Kalamazoo who has went through ones fair share of living that street life, and how it played a part in one being able to be seasoned in ones art of facts of painting the picture. This song alone has a signature sound that matches what one would consider as the zoo, the jungle, and like another artist said: “It’s like a jungle sometimes I wonder how I keep from going under.” What we are doing is basically offering our listeners the opportunity to feel our flow of expression, and know that, even though there is a lot of talented and very lyrical rap and hip hop artist’s in this over saturated and forever changing music game. Throughout it all we are still working our way up and continuing to be as creative as we can along the way.

There is naught much more that we need to stress when it comes to explaining why we do what we do. We do it, because the creator (God) gave us the gift to be able to do, and that’s reach, teach, inspire, motivate as well as project to our audience, and listeners an energy that, is for the purpose of helping one to be able to better see, and then make better decisions on their own, but also knowing that, though they may feel as if they are going through things in life all alone their naught. But one has to go through situations in order to know better in order to show better. this isn’t about us being the best rappers and or hip hop artist,it’s about “The Message” whether it be good, bad or the ugly truth, in the end it’s all on you the one who chooses to either take the time to listen, and learn from those who show to be for you or you choose to listen to those who show to be against you, either way, it is you who has to decide on what makes sense, and what doesn’t.

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So, with that all being said; this is why I made this store available, it took me a minute, but I got it did and that in itself should show you the reader that, when it comes to me, as an artist/music producer/creator, I think that by my actions alone, I tend to show my power, and abilities to be seen as more than just another rapper trying to come out. I’m exercising my mind state to be, and do more with my time and money. I refuse to continue to be labeled and looked at one way when I am clearly able to show through ones work that, it’s another. And with Aquimini Productions, I am able to provide that platform that helps promote music artist like myself, and any artist who chooses to be for than against by showing to want to see ones work rise than fall, and with some of y’all favorite rappers this is the case, because they feel threatened by those who show the potential to outshine them, but that’s their thoughts, and if they want to show that, then that is nothing more than just an indicator of ones struggle with the ego.

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So, on that note, I hope that you the visitor enjoy, and possibly support this artist’s creative works by the purchasing (Donate) of music from Aquimini Productions recording artist music store, and I hope that you take the time out to like, comment and share your experience with friends and family on what you might have found here that is worth taking the time out to listen to, and be brave and just share your thoughts on my work good and or bad. So much more to come from Aquimini Productions so stay tuned, and connected.


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