New Hip Hop Music From MC My-D

Just when they thought Hip Hop was dead, and recording artist are riding on E, because of all of what we are seeing nowadays being projected by many of those who THINK that they are Emceeing, and in better positions so they feel that they can just undermine, bite and have their way with a culture that began by standing for something. But, by the looks of it, it shows that some do not care about the importance of trying to keep the flame burning hot for what we once knew as Hip Hop.

And that’s where this artist comes into play. If you were paying attention; around about this time last year, I produced a LP. for this underground Hip Hop recording artist called: “Given’Em the EmceeIsm,” which you can find right here in the music store. And now he’s back at it again lyrically laying it down for his listeners giving them another creative narration of the life naught only for Kzoo, but for city to city, state to state a reality painted through his thoughts, and music that those who know, know, and can definitely relate.

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This new work of art by MC My-D is one that has plenty of substance to offer, and after listening to this new one truly speaks for itself. The title “Everyday,” which he decided to name this one is one that gives you something to smoke to, and smoke over all at the same time. He’s showing his versatility on this mix-tape by again Given’Em the EmceeIsm, but in a different way. As a seasoned Hip Hop MC for kzoo, it doesn’t stop there by showing, and telling his story by paying homage to where he say’s it all started for him when it comes to Emceeing by visual, and by this creative piece alone that gives the listener the ability to critique to say, and prove otherwise.

With songs like: “She’s N Danger,” and “My Baby” if you really pay attention, and listen while taking a few pulls on the N-doe, you will be able to imagine, laugh and enjoy while this artist takes you on a fantastic voyage into the world of what it truly means to be a fresh Emcee. But then you have other songs like: “Kiss the Kross” where he shows his skills on a East-coast track that will be very familiar to you, and a very well-known Hip Hop artist did their thing on it. And then there’s the song “Mo’ Rilla” and can’t forget the song “Everyday” where he goes in with bars like: “Often pump some iron just to let off steam/comin’ from my head like a Spartan or a Wolverine.” Featuring on this mix-tape CD is his old-time DJ name Rich Lee who adds his harmonic vocal touch accommodating this music project with recording, and co-mixing, mastering and production done by yours truly. 😉

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See, here’s the thing. The music and people are naught the same no mo’ and it’s for a reason. You gone have those who will be for you just like you gone have those who show to be against you. You “Gone Feel Who Real” witchu, and if you can relate to what I just said; then you’ll definitely feel the song, because ain’t that something that we all have, and or are actually going through right now “In These Day’z of Tyme” “Everyday?” 

Me, and this artist/partnah in rhyme/comrade/ are showing that, we as underground Rap and Hip Hop recording artist who been laying it down in and for Kalamazoo, Michigan and do it like no other are setting the record straight, and won’t be denied. The only thing we can do is be, and project our ability to carry the torch for both genres/ music cultures and keep bringing it to y’all the listeners in raw form letting it clearly be known that, there is still good music being recorded, and put out that has more to offer your mind, time, ears and soul, and that’s the art of facts in creativity.

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While some play with it, I’m super serious with it, and as you can see by the cover work alone for this project, I was able to bring to life value and worth, and that’s why I stand to be the coldest when it comes to this; in my own way, I show to be more than just a Rap recording artist, selfish and so into myself. I produce, I accommodate and enjoy shining through the work of others and this is why it takes me much longer to get this music work out to y’all, because I do more than just talk, I allow them acts to speak ya dig, so all I can say is………. I’ll just let that work do the talking. 😎

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Very thankful to be able to do what was accomplished in and on this project, and without the creator (God’s) guidance this wouldn’t be possible. So, with that being said, I’m a end this post, but I wanted to let y’all know that, Aquimini Productions is producing Mass Production Oon A Duel Level. You don’t think so? Feel free to check out the work then say, and prove otherwise, I’m out make sure you also check this CD/music that will be hosted as soon as I get it uploaded. Hard copies are also available, a donation to these artist’s work would highly be appreciated, because, it takes time, effort, ambition, drive and dedication as well as funding to bring it to y’all straight from the underground. thanks for taking the time to visit, and read holler at either the artist or myself if you have any questions, and be sure to like Aquimini productions on Facebook and Twitter as well as both artist too.  😀

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So what do you think about the state of Hip Hop right now, still think it’s on its deathbed? Like, comment, share and subscribe for updates. Peace and many blessings from #TheArtist4thePeople and Aquimini Productions. 

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