What Type Beat Productions Is Coming Out Of The Midwest In Michigan?

We all know that, the music game is over saturated with music producers who try, and produce beats, and sounds that kinda mimic their favorite music producers like the young Lex Luger, who is a young music producer who came so hard with his signature that, he had a gang of other music producers trying […]

New Music Store

Hey, what up everybody! I know, I know, it’s been a minute since, I’ve done anything on the site, but as you can see, I’m working and thank you to all who have been really patient with me, while I try hard to bring it all together in a way where you the visitor can […]

Aquimini Productions Is Back Online

Welcome to Aquimini Beats Audio Sound and Video Productions online. This is just a small post to apologize for all of the changes that this site has had to go through, but there was some major things going on that needed to be reorganized on the back-end, and the issues have now finally been resolved. […]