Something To Smoke To Everyday – The Mix-Tape

Just when they thought it was all about me. Clearly I show to be more than what one assumes, which is far and beyond the scope of being seen as just another rapper; considering self as Great is way more than just saying it. I show my greatness by my great works. Works that are […]

New Hip Hop Music From MC My-D

Just when they thought Hip Hop was dead, and recording artist are riding on E, because of all of what we are seeing nowadays being projected by many of those who THINK that they are Emceeing, and in better positions so they feel that they can just undermine, bite and have their way with a […]

What Type Beat Productions Is Coming Out Of The Midwest In Michigan?

We all know that, the music game is over saturated with music producers who try, and produce beats, and sounds that kinda mimic their favorite music producers like the young Lex Luger, who is a young music producer who came so hard with his signature that, he had a gang of other music producers trying […]

New Music Store

Hey, what up everybody! I know, I know, it’s been a minute since, I’ve done anything on the site, but as you can see, I’m working and thank you to all who have been really patient with me, while I try hard to bring it all together in a way where you the visitor can […]